What’s in the box?

AnywhereApp is an end-to-end workspace solution custom-built to meet your business needs, cloud vision, user experience, and budget.

Custom-Designed Infrastructure

Get a custom-designed cloud or hybrid solution without the complexity. AnywhereApp goes beyond most workspace solutions to assess your current infrastructure and business needs then design a solution that includes:

  • On-premises compute solutions from Cisco
  • Private, public, or hybrid cloud through AWS, Azure, and Century Link
  • Hypervisor and guest virtual machines from Microsoft and VMWare
  • Storage solutions from Pure Technologies
  • IGEL powered end-point management

Guided Deployment

Build your custom infrastructure with full deployment services that minimize disruptions and downtime. With AnywhereApp, get a built-for-you solution implemented in weeks, not months.

  • Full assessment of current infrastructure and business needs
  • Implementation of custom-designed mobility and cloud plan
  • Migrate seamlessly to a customized platform
Guided Deployment

360° Security

AnywhereApp delivers comprehensive, 360-degree security, providing secure access to applications on any device.

  • Built-In security for applications, network, and data
  • Highly secure and encrypted access on any device
  • Single-interface control of user access, authentication, and authorization
  • Privacy and confidentiality laws and regulation compliant
  • 99.999% uptime and with redundant recovery

Simplified Licensing

With AnywhereApp’s fully managed software licensing, customers will never overpay for unused licenses again.

  • Handles all primary and supporting software licensing
  • Customers never overpay for unused licenses or need to worry about compliance or reporting issues
  • Runs on Microsoft, Citrix, Trend Micro, and RES license usage
Simplified Licensing

Lifecycle Support

From reporting and monitoring to remediation and maintenance, MTM experts handle day-to-day IT admin so you don’t have to.

  • One throat to choke, single point-of-service
  • 24/7 SLA-based support
  • Cloud infrastructure and end-user experience monitoring
  • Image management and application delivery
  • Patching, upgrades, and support software
  • End-user moves, adds and changes

Begin your digital transformation today.